The quality policy of our company is based on quality of the product, customer satisfaction, follow-up of the technology, training and team spirit, continuous improvement and development, ethics, and environmental awareness. Our company applies these principals of quality to all the works of production and service on a continuous basis

The Quality of The Products:  Having products conforming to the domestic and world standards is adopted as a principal by all of our employees working in all the units of the company. Our all products are manufactured as quality standarts of Bureau Veritas, CE and SGS certificates.

Customer Satisfaction:  We take every step with the thought in mind that we will not have a continuous relationship with customers whom we will not be able to satisfy with the quality of our products, and the needs of whom we will not be able to meet. Therefore, we take our steps very carefully.

Follow-Up Technology:  In order that our products and services are able to continue existing according to the world standards, we follow up each and every improvement and development in the technology of our sector, and adapt them successfully.

Training and Team Spirit:  Team mentality and training increase the synergy among the units of the company and members of our personnel in the company at every level because we give particular importance to them.

Continuous Development:   With the consciousness that stagnancy in development has the same meaning as retrogression, we continue with our development by renewing our corporate structure and adapt our understanding of service and production targets to the changing conditions and technology.

Ethics and Environment:   We intend to protect ethical values in production, management and marketing works and continue all of our activities by paying attention to environmental awareness.


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